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About ED Clinics

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Experienced Shockwave Professionals

ED Clinics nationwide team of clinicians have over 40 years of combined Shockwave Therapy experience working with the latest focused Storz Medical technology, receiving training from world renowned Shockwave experts.

Shockwave Therapy is not only part of their everyday clinical toolbox, but they also regularly mentor hundreds of practitioners across the UK on how to implement Shockwave Therapy into their practice.

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Over 66% of men living in the UK have experienced erectile dysfunction

Complete discretion

As well as men’s sexual health, each clinic offers a wide range of treatments from physiotherapy to osteopathy, this means that your appointments can remain entirely discreet and confidential.

A GP or specialist diagnosis before you attend is recommended, however, if you do not have a formal diagnosis we can offer a consultation.

Use the link below to discover if you’re eligible for Shockwave Therapy.

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Value for money

For most cases of ED a course of 6 treatments is required over a 3 week period. Prices are subject to a clinical assessment and sold as a course.

Our competitively priced service can cost as little as a weekend getaway, which is a small price to pay for what can be a life changing treatment.

Results are usually seen within a few months, however improvements can be seen much quicker and in some cases immediately. More severe cases may require a second course. Maintenance treatment programmes also available on request.

Results are not guaranteed and may vary from individual to individual.

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Not sure if you have Erectile Dysfunction?

Not sure if you have ED? We can offer an online consultation with Dr Ian Gold or Dr Chandraraj. This service is for men who suspect they are suffering from ED,  but have not yet sought medical advice for any number of reasons.

These consultations are to rule out any other serious medical concerns. The cost for the online consultation is £100 and is refundable if you book a course of Shockwave Therapy treatments.

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If you'd like to contact us to arrange consultation visit our find a clinic page

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