At this point you’re probably pretty convinced by shockwave therapy as a viable treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Perhaps Viagra is unsuitable for you or has become expensive over time. You might have tried changing lifestyle factors, but symptoms of ED remain. You want to seek a more permanent solution.

But one hurdle remains: having to contact and visit a clinic to have the treatment done. You might be worried about awkwardness, embarrassing conversations or cost. 50% of men with erectile dysfunction won’t speak to others about it or seek treatment, which can have damaging effects on their relationships, mental health, and may neglect the signs of a more serious health condition, so you’re not alone in these concerns.


Can I Perform Shockwave Therapy at Home?

At this point, many men look online for home-use shockwave devices. The idea is that they can invest in a machine they can use at home to self-administer the treatment and regain erectile function. Many companies sell these either through Amazon or Chinese e-commerce websites like Alibaba. They can range in price anywhere from £100-£500, and can be at your door within just a few days.

shockwave therapy for ed at home machines

Examples of home-use shockwave therapy machines for ED

So Why are Home-Use Shockwave Therapy Devices a Bad Idea?


You might see reliable research papers quoted by these companies which attest to the effectiveness of these treatments, but these papers are for studies which were performed by professional focused shockwave therapy machines, which can cost tens of thousands of pounds. These professional machines are manufactured by expert and highly regulated medical machine companies and are highly reliable, accurate and efficient. If these far cheaper devices could provide the same desired effect, erectile dysfunction clinics would use them too.


The vast majority of these machines are manufactured in China. China has a much lower bar for what can be considered a medical device fit for sale, and these devices will not normally be medical CE marked. CE marking is evidence that a product meets the General Safety and Performance Requirements (GSPR) of all relevant European Medical Device Regulations.


As a rule, putting anything that emits any types of frequencies that you are not 100% sure of the accuracy or safety of near your testicles is a bad idea.


Not all shockwaves are the same. Shockwaves can have different frequencies, intensities and focal depths, all of which will influence how effective the treatment is. Focused shockwave therapy machines that you might see in a clinic target these shockwaves at a depth of up to 125mm. This allows the clinician to direct the shockwaves at specific areas of the penis with millimeter accuracy.

If they even manage to produce shockwaves, these home-use devices will only produce radial shockwaves, which will spread waves generally throughout the penis. Radial shockwave therapy can be very helpful for other conditions such as joint pain or plantar fasciitis, but is not for erectile dysfunction, and even then we’re referring to professional radial devices.


Why Don’t Home-Use Devices Work?

The fact of the matter is, the technology required to achieve the kind of results that we do is very expensive to manufacture. If you want shockwave therapy to help you beat erectile dysfunction and improve your ability to achieve and maintain erections, you will need to be treated by a professional focused shockwave therapy machine.


How Do Professional Devices Work?

Focused shockwave therapy involves passing painless, focused waves into the affected tissues, breaking down any fatty plaques and promoting the formation of blood vessels. It has a high success rate, and if the lifestyle causes of the condition, such as diet and exercise, are addressed, it can be permanent.


Where Can I Get Professional Shockwave Therapy Treatment?

Shockwave therapy for ED isn’t available on the NHS, but is from private clinics across the UK. You can find your nearest ED Clinic on our clinic finder map.

Drop us a contact form and one of our expert team will get back to you to discuss whether you are eligible for the treatment. The treatment involves six sessions spread over six weeks and is drug-free, pain-free and has a high success rate.


All of ED Clinics’ devices are top of the line Storz Medical focused shockwave therapy machines.

      An Introduction to Treating ED with Shockwave Therapy

      We’ve produced this short video to explain how shockwave therapy can be used to effectively treat the common root causes of erectile dysfunction.