Penis pumps, vacuum pumps, or vacuum constriction devices. They have a few names.


But most of these devices are the same. By placing the device over your penis and removing the air with a hand pump, you can make it easier to achieve an erection. These devices aren’t a cure for erectile dysfunction, and like Viagra, they need to be used every time you plan on being erect. But let’s investigate how they work and how they could offer some helpful assistance.


What is a penis pump?


A penis pump is a device used to make it earlier for its user to achieve an erection. It usually consists of a plastic tube that fits over the shaft of the penis, a hand pump connected by a thin tube, and a constriction ring (usually rubber or silicone) which provides tension at the base of the penis.

The pump works by creating a vacuum inside the tube by removing the air. This draws blood into the penis from surrounding vessels, causing an erection. Now that the blood is in the penis, the tube is removed and the constriction ring at the base prevents the blood from flowing back out again. The pump is usually used before or during foreplay. Most men will be able to maintain this erection for about half an hour, though caution should be used if using the pump multiple times in one session, as it could cause a priapism.


Who can penis pumps help?


Penis pumps are typically used by men with mild erectile dysfunction, particularly those who can’t take medication like Viagra for medical reasons such as unstable blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, or a history of stroke or heart failure. The user also won’t have to spend money on medication each time they would like to have sex, as a vacuum pump is a one-time purchase. The cost of Viagra can add up over time, so this is a popular reason for their use.

Penis pumps can also help men with Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s is a curved penis caused by a buildup of scar tissue on one side of the penis. In severe cases, Peyronie’s can cause a lot of pain and makes it impossible to achieve erections or have penetrative sex, however in less serious cases it can make things more difficult, but not impossible. For men with only a small bend, a vacuum pump can provide the tension needed to achieve an erection.

Because the safety of vacuum pumps depends on the severity of your Peyronie’s, you should speak to your doctor before trying one. Forcing your penis to become erect may damage it and cause you to become less likely to achieve erections in the future, even if the Peyronie’s is treated.

The pump can also help men who’s ED has been caused as a result of prostate surgery or prostate cancer. Pumps cannot help make your penis permanently larger, contrary to some information you may see online.


Are there any risks to using a penis pump?


Penis pumps are overall safe to use, but some precautions are needed when using one. 

During or after use of the penis pump, if you see red/purple spots or welts appearing on the surface of the skin of the penis (like bruises) that is a sign you are creating too much pressure within the tube. Too much pressure may cause bruises and small instances of internal bleeding. Unless the bruising is severe, it should heal naturally over the next week. If the damage lasts longer than two weeks you should consult your doctor. Men who are using blood thinning medications such as warfarin or aspirin are at higher risk of this happening.


Should I use a penis pump?


Penis pumps are definitely worth a try for most men with ED, and may provide a cheap and safe way to achieve erections. Pumps can be found online for around £30-£70.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your erectile dysfunction, it may be worth giving our specialists a call to discuss shockwave therapy.

Focused shockwave therapy is an evidence-based treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), Chronic prostatitis (male pelvic pain) and Peyronie’s disease with no side-effects. Treatments are quick, painless, discreet and highly effective with over a 75% success rate.

An Introduction to Treating ED with Shockwave Therapy

We’ve produced this short video to explain shockwave therapy can be used to effectively treat the common root causes of erectile dysfunction.