ED Clinics practitioner and award-winning writer Yves De Vos has recently published his new book, Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction: Using Technology to Solve a Hard Problem.

In this book Yves covers the underlying mechanisms of erectile dysfunction and the effectiveness of various treatments, including focused shockwave therapy, in treating it. The book also covers Peyronie’s Disease, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Hard Flaccid Syndrome.

The book is mainly intended for men and their partners, but also a good read for clinicians wanting to explore how shockwave therapy works in the urology field.

You can order the book in paperback or on Kindle through Amazon, or enquire if your local ED Clinic has any copies for sale when you visit for your consultation.

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This is an extremely well written and explained book for what is normally a very difficult subject
Yves explains all the reasons and answers I’m sure all questions that could arise.

This should be available for reading at even the early signs in the full knowledge that you don’t need to bury your head in the sand.

M.W. Hampshire

This book tackles an issue that many men are facing in the UK. Seeking help from their GP doesn’t get them far and sadly the NHS can do very little to help these men.

This books answers all the questions they have and helps to dispel myths, explains each condition very well, whilst offering real solutions.

S.L. Edwards

This book is a MUST for any man and/or his partner. The book is easy to navigate, making it easy to read about your concerns as a patient or area of interest as a health professional.

Prof. Lars Lund

Yves De Vos MCSP MMACP MHCPC is an Advanced MSK Physiotherapist with a special interest in the application of Shockwave Therapy for MSK conditions and Men’s Health. He owns several clinics in the South of England.

He has developed his own 3 step process in creating solutions for clients with complex chronic tendinopathies and works with a team of physiotherapists, sports therapists, aquatic therapy specialists, MSK sonographer, Orthopaedic Consultant and rehab instructors.

He is also a UK Shockwave Educator providing courses for physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, chiropractors, sports therapists and GP’s. He has a 30 year background of treating MSK disorders both in the NHS and Private Practice and has been using Shockwave Therapy in his clinics for over 12 years.

He and his team are trained to deliver Shockwave Therapy as an evidence-based, safe and non-invasive treatment for Erectile DysfunctionPeyronie’s and CPPS. The treatment is discrete and delivered in a clinic that offers a wide variety of treatments for many different conditions.

yves de vos clinician photo

Yves De Vos

MCSP MMACP MHCPC Chartered Physiotherapist and Shockwave Therapy Educator