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Situated in Garforth, Leeds, Indergaard Physiotherapy are a team of Chartered Physiotherapists who are qualified to the highest standard and provide excellence in their approach to solving your sexual health and musculoskeletal conditions.

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  Treats the root cause of ED

  Simple & non invasive procedure

  Completely drug free

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An Introduction to Treating ED with Shockwave Therapy

We’ve produced this short video to explain shockwave therapy can be used to effectively treat the common root causes of erectile dysfunction.

Focused Shockwave Therapy is a clinically proven, drug-free, pain-free treatment for men’s sexual health conditions including vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, Chronic Pelvic Pain Prostatitis and ED in men who have Peyronie’s disease.

It is the only non-invasive procedure that treats the root causes of erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow, forming new blood vessels, and breaking down micro-plaques in the penis.

Typically patients will notice some change within a few weeks of starting treatment, but with the most significant changes occurring after 6 – 8 weeks, and if you address the underlying causes of your ED, such as high blood pressure or excess weight, then the results can be permanent.

The treatment pathway is simple, once you have a medical diagnosis we’ll hold a short consultation in which we establish how severe your condition might be, from here we can suggest an appropriate number of treatment sessions. And if you don’t have a formal diagnosis, we can help there too.

The treatment itself has worked wonders, it completely cured my ED, improved control, and it’s even improved sensation, which I didn’t think was possible. I consider it to be nothing short of a superior technique and I highly recommend it.

Neil - Liverpool

I noticed I woke up with erections; I had more sensitivity in my penis. I was told it would be a month after your last treatment when you would really know the difference, but my sex life is back and I thought I would never have sex again in my life. This treatment is fantastic!

Craig - London

After the first treatment there was no significant progress, but after the second and third, results started to happen quickly. After the course of all 6 treatments over a 6 week period the results have been fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend the treatment

Nick - Suffolk

I would suggest this to anyone who’s on the fence about taking pills and doesn’t want to go that route. This has been a very good option for me.

Mark - Edinburgh

Very professional and put me at ease. I would definitely recommend this service.

Graham - Birmingham


Erectile dysfunction and Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome

ED caused by Peyronie’s disease


Meet your clinician

Ove grew up in Norway before moving to Leeds to train as a Physiotherapist, graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from the University of Bradford (1999) before completing an MSc in Sports and Exercise Injury Management at Leeds University (2003).

Ove’s expertise in Shockwave Therapy led him to men’s sexual health treatments. Ove and his team are trained to deliver this evidence-based, safe and non-invasive treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s and CPPS.

The treatment is very discreet, delivered in a clinic that offers a variety of treatments for many different conditions.

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Ove Indergaard

Chartered Physiotherapist, Registered International Sports Physical therapist and Shockwave Therapy educator

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Contact the clinic for more information on how to access the best men’s sexual health service in Yorkshire.

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