Your overall health is our number one priority as well as fixing your erection problems.

Men often find it very hard to talk about medical concerns, especially involving the bedroom.  The inability to have penetrative sex  can result in a stigma around being unable to perform. Asides from stigma and embarrassment problems in the bedroom can also be a sign of a dangerous underlying health conditions.

Simple finger prick blood tests can give us insight into your general health

Screening questionnaires and blood tests for ED can flag issues beyond problems attaining or sustaining an erection. A simple finger prick blood test is a useful diagnostic tool for all sorts of conditions. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a sign of heart disease, diabetes , or low testosterone (low T), among other many other things.

All of these conditions can be serious but are treatable and should be addressed. A blood test can determine whether you have a high sugar level, high cholesterol, or low testosterone. Many GP’s unfortunately do not routinely check testosterone and prolactin levels or even the thyroid, especially if you are under 60.

We recommend an easy-to-use home use Erectile Dysfunction Blood Test, this is a simple, discreet finger-prick blood test that examines the main physical causes of erectile dysfunction, including raised cholesterol, diabetes, and low testosterone.

Value for money, quick results and simple to use

If you want an easy, discreet at-home test which examines the main causes of erectile dysfunction, then this is the right test for you – The Medichecks kit includes 10 bio markers (these show either normal or diseased processes in the body) that cover blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones and thyroid function.

The cost of the simple  blood test kit is only £82 and can be purchased direct from Medichecks, you wont get better value anywhere else when considering the ease of use and the range of markers covered. This is similar to a standard blood screening that would be carried out by a urologist. However getting and appointment with a urologist an then waiting for blood results would take much longer.

man stressed with erectile dysfunction

Patients are reassured by our thorough approach to erection problems

Once you get your results you can discuss it was you ED Clinics practitioner, if your bloods are all clear they can book you in for focused shockwave therapy treatment, if they spot anything abnormal, they willadvise you to consult your doctor.

Patients find it very reassuring that ED Clinics are doing things properly offering a holistic approach, with your overall health as our number one priority as well as fixing your erection problems by using the latest focused shockwave therapy technology.

Interested or wish to know more? Get in touch with your nearest clinic.